"Can You Forgive Her?" goose mob

Goose mob from the "Can You Forgive Her?" video, which also contains an emu, tandem biking, Chris belching orange bubbles, and Neil waggling his finger a lot.

Pet Shop Boys - feeding the geese from the 'Can You Forgive Her' video   

(honk if you love our hats)
This is the single most fantastic image in the history of the universe.

"Performance" tour encores

"Performance" tour encore wardrobe

Pet Shop Boys - Neil and Chris rise from the dead during the Performance Tour encores, including Always on My Mind, and Your Funny Uncle   

I had several uncles whom I can remember only in therapy. One chased me with knives. One liked to put gasoline in his gin. One liked to set mall kiosks on fire. Actually I think this was all just one uncle… well anyway it wasn't very funny.

"It's a Sin" spinny-spin

Neil's fabulous twirly-doo during "It's a Sin", from the 1989 Highlight tour

Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin, Neil's famous spin from the 1989 Highlight tour   

It's a spin! It goes on for ages. If he'd gotten dizzy and wandered into Chris' keyboard stand, he might have said "Ow! That's my shin!" "What a din," says the tiny audience.
(I haven't been able to get a proper original image for this.)

Chris at rehearsal

Chris at some rehearsal thingy

Pet Shop Boys - Chris sitting on a tour case   

(2002) Chris sits on what could very well be a case of M&Ms. Maybe Neil is in there.

This photo is in the Catalogue book; if you're a fan but don't own this fabulous book you're missing out on a great collection of imagery and footnotery. I hope there will eventually be a Catalogue, etc.

1989 promotional tour photo

1989 tour promo photo

Pet Shop Boys - the Batman promotional image for the 1989 Highlights tour   Pet Shop Boys - 1989 tour logo photo

This image advertised the 1989 tour, originally taken to coincide with the official release of the first Batman movie. Did anyone buy tickets for the wrong show as a result? DA na na na na na na na, DA na na na na na na na…

"I Like It Here"

"I like it here!"

Pet Shop Boys - taken during the What Have I Done to Deserve This? video shoot   

Obviously we are gearing up for another hilarious PSB cream-pie-in-the-face skit.
(cue trombone)

"Opportunities" photo shoot

From the "Opportunities" photo shoot

Pet Shop Boys - from the Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) photo shoot   

I love drawing Neil's insane hair. It has its own bizarre personality.
The 80's Pet Shop Boys were actually Chris, Neil, and Neil's hair.

Chris and the super-fabulous Issey Miyake glasses

Chris and the super-fabulous Issey Miyake glasses

Pet Shop Boys - Chris Lowe's Issey Miyake shades   

West End Girls

From the West End Girls video shoot

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls video shoot   

"Ultimate" album cover

"Ultimate" Album Cover

Pet Shop Boys - photo from the Ultimate album cover   

I guess if anyone could make feathery pineappley fireworky hats look smart…

"Actually" album cover

"Actually" Album Cover

Pet Shop Boys - from the Actually album cover   

You don't have to be a fan to recognize this image.
It's absolutely been done to death. So here's another.

(quote) Chris: "I hate the photo. I can't stand the way I look in it. I hate wearing a bloody dickie-bow. I hate wearing a white shirt and I hate the way my hair is."